Karen Andrews

Two extremist groups to be listed as terrorist organisations

The federal government has announced its intention to list two extremist groups as terrorist organisations under the Criminal Code

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews this morning said a neo-Nazi group called The Base and the entirety of Hizballah are planned to receive the classification.

The listings will enable the application of terrorist organisation offences to these groups.

While Hizballah’s External Security Organisation has been considered a terrorist organisation since 2003, the classification will be extended to the entire group.

Members continue to threaten terrorist attacks and support other terrorist organisations such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

Meanwhile, Canada and the United Kingdom have already listed The Base as a terrorist organisation, and this decision by the federal government will bring Australia into line.

Ms Andrews said the move is to ensure Australia has “the right tools and legislation in place” to combat terrorism threats.

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