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Gaza Charity Head’s Terror Verdict

An Israeli court has found a former employee of Christian charity World Vision guilty of multiple charges related to terrorism.

Mohammed El-Halabi was accused of siphoning up to $50 million in donor funds to militant Palestinian group Hamas.

It governs Gaza and is designated by Israel, the US and other western countries as a terrorist organisation.

Mr. El-Halabi has been detained for six years after being arrested when he was the head of Gaza operations for World Vision.

He was convicted of supporting a terror organisation but acquitted of treason.

The evidence against him has not been made public including an alleged confession to Israeli security agents.

The judges said they found the confession detailed and coherent, matching those of other testimonies and evidence.

His lawyer and family claimed it was given under duress.

CBN News reports independent audits including one by the Australian government found no evidence that World Vision funds had been given to Hamas.

Australia was the biggest single donor to the charity’s work in Gaza.

Mr. El-Halabi rejected plea bargains and maintains his innocence.

He’s due to be sentenced on July 10.

His lawyers plan to appeal the case to Israel’s Supreme Court.

World Vision which has suspended its operations in Gaza said it was disappointed by the verdict.

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