A WANNABE jihadi who planned to launch guerrilla warfare in the Blue Mountains and attack government buildings may be undergoing a religious conversion behind bars after he asked to speak to a rabbi.

Sulayman Khalid, 22, who once said in a propaganda video “either you become a Muslim and believe in Allah or die by the sword,” asked staff at Goulburn supermax prison to allow a rabbi to visit him so he could find out more about Judaism.

Prison notes on Khalid revealed he made the request on August 3, last year.

“(He) asked for a visit from a rabbi. I explained this may not be an option unless he identified with that religion. Khalid commented he wanted to learn as much as possible about all things,” the notes state.

“I agreed to send an email to the Chaplain and the Imam asking them to meet him and assess this request.”


Read the full article by Sarah Crawford at The Daily Telegraph (subscriber only).

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