A BRITISH tourist who went missing in an Israeli desert in November may be suffering from “Jerusalem Syndrome,” authorities said after discovering a makeshift “chapel” and a trail of Bible pages left behind.

Fox News reports Oliver McAfee, a 29-year-old pious Christian from Northern Ireland, vanished on November 21 while cycling through the Negev desert in southern Israel.

“At the end of October, Ollie went on a cycling trip to Israel to explore and visit the Holy Land,” read a Facebook page created by the man’s friends aimed at finding him.

“He intended to stay for five weeks and return at the beginning of December, but missed his return date.”

The so-called “Jerusalem Syndrome” manifests in having religious delusions, including believing one is the next Messiah or a Biblical figure, or merely heading to holy places while leaving everyone behind.


Read the full article by Lukas Mikelionis at The Advertiser (subscriber only).

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