Abbas’ “Ethnic Cleansing Solution”

Tzvi Fleischer has written before for AIJAC about the Palestinian partiality to what he calls the “ethnic cleansing solution.” Both polls and much Palestinian discourse show that a large portion of the Palestinian public – it appears to be a plurality of those surveyed – do not want the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to end with either a two-state solution, a Palestinian state beside Israel, or a one-state solution, Jews and Palestinians sharing a single country. What they want is that the Palestinians should get all of the land of British mandate Palestine and all or most of the six million Israeli Jews should either leave or be killed.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has not made any recent statements that I know of indicating that this is what he seeks – though other members of his Fatah party certainly have.

However, if we go back in history, Abbas used to also plump for ethnic cleansing of Palestine – which was more or less official PLO policy under the Palestinian National Charter of 1968.

Abbas wrote a book in 1981 entitled Taking Advantage of Victory penned in the lead-up to the first Lebanon war, and seeking to justify the PLO’s strategy at the time of striking northern Israeli communities with rockets from Lebanon.

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