Peace and love

Warren Kennedy, your response (May 22) to my post is a complete joke. You claim that ‘Israel can end the violence any time it wishes by ending the occupation’ and that ‘Israel is the cause of the violence in Gaza and the West Bank’.

In the many decades prior to Israel’s establishment, there were hundreds of massacres against the defenceless Palestinian Jews by armed Arab mobs that resulted in the abandonment of many villages such as Hebron (

Many online papers will support this. My family lived in fear of these attacks; similar to the modern day murderous raids against Christians in regions of Africa.

During WWII, the grand mufti of Jerusalem had meetings with Hitler aiming to exterminate the remaining Palestinian Jews.

Israel left Gaza completely in 2005 in the hope of peace. They even armed the Palestinian police to maintain order and these weapons were almost immediately used against Israel. When Hamas won power, they brutally murdered all members of the Palestinian Authority whom they could locate. Many were hurled from tall buildings screaming as a public spectacle in order to instil fear into the population.

To this day, Hamas brutalises its population daily. Do you really believe that if Israel lifts the blockade with the current Hamas government that Hamas will turn into peace-loving hippies?

I support peace loving Palestinians. How about you, Warren Kennedy.

Letter by Danny Wakil, Billinudgel appeared in Echo NetDaily.