Local Palestinian footballers will be playing in the Diplomatic Cup final against Sudan. (Elesa Kurtz)

Diplomatic Corps Cup gives Palestinian people a place to unite as their country endures war

The community banded together to form a soccer team, which is now one win away from claiming the Diplomatic Corps Cup, and is using their games to draw attention and show solidarity with Palestine through a minute’s silence.

Palestinian player Mohammad Abdul-Hwas said they have held a minute’s silence prior to kick off in several games to pay respect to the ongoing conflict being raged against Palestine.

“It has really brought us together and all the teams respected that we needed to have that one minute silence to show our solidarity with Palestine,” he said.

“This has made us unite more as a community, most of us know each other but we’re bringing in more people and new young generations to the team.”

The Diplomatic Corps Cup is formed by teams created from embassies in the capital and has given the Palestinian people a platform to display unity with their home country.

Despite being built for social soccer, the competition is becoming more competitive and as Palestine prepare for Wednesday’s grand final against Sudan at Hawker Football Centre, Abdul-Hwas knows they have the passion to win.

Read the article by Rachel Moran in The Canberra Times.