Soros a ‘one-way flow of leftist funding’: Bernardi

George Soros may be one of history’s most successful financiers, but it is his “one-way flow of leftist funding” that has made him a nemesis of the political right, according to Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“On the political right, the legends are Thatcher, Reagan and Howard while nothing stirs the enmity like the name George Soros,” he said.

“The left will say that criticism of Soros is motivated by anti-Semitism but … the centre-right political sphere are usually unabashed supporters of the Jewish State while the most anti-Semitic fervour is recorded on the left side of politics.

“Soros … looks to be a one-way flow of leftist funding; there is scarcely a left-wing cause he doesn’t have his financial fingerprints on.

“Most of these are done at arm’s length through myriad of intermediary groups and organisations but the original source is often the same.”

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